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The Hearts We Keep

Annie's life is simple and ordinary and good. She lives inside a rural Minnesota bubble, where her main concerns are keeping up with her endlessly cool best friend, her lifelong crush on a popular boy, and avoiding third degree sunburns at the lake. That is, until a series of fateful events dismantles her innocence, and has her questioning everything and everyone - including herself. 

Lighthearted and deeply emotional, The Hearts We Keep explores the nuances of friendship, true love, grief, and small-town secrets that don't stay buried for long.

Margot James is Fine


After getting dumped at the altar, a thirty-one-year-old bereavement coordinator and former foster kid, Margot, is left untethered and alone. When her co-worker convinces her to go on her honeymoon by herself, she is reluctant, but okay with the idea of running away. She has no idea the surprises that are in store for her in Saint Lucia, or the ghosts from her past that will threaten to derail her happiness.

An exploration of love, trauma, and healing, Margot James is Fine is a must-read women's fiction novel that delivers emotion, humor and romance with all the trimmings. 


"The Hearts We Keep was one of those books that I was sad to finish - I fell in love with Annie and wasn't ready to say goodbye. Haley has an incredible gift for creating relatable, flawed characters that quickly become like close friends. This book was both beautiful and heartbreaking, as love often is. Perfectly balanced with intertwining themes of friendship, young love, suspense, and loss, The Hearts We Keep is an unforgettable read that left a forever impression on my heart."


"Haley McMillan is an incredible new voice and talent. Her work is simultaneously deep and light-hearted, as well as heartbreaking and heartwarming. Her first novel, The Hearts We Keep, is the book young women need right now because it really captures the ups and downs of finding yourself and your voice and place in this world. Not only will you giggle and sob with Annie as she navigates the complexities of life, but you'll also be invited to reexamine your own life in the best way. The Hearts We Keep is the type of book that stays with you for a long, long time!"


"The Hearts We Keep is a book I couldn't put down! It has romance, suspense and witty humor sprinkled throughout. The main character, Annie, is someone everyone can relate to and connect with. She became like a good friend of mine, that I found myself celebrating with in times of joy and wanting to comfort in times of sorrow. The Hearts We Keep is a wonderful read that hooked me from the first chapter to the very last word."


In The Press


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Haley is an expert daydreamer and spinner of tall tales, which comes in handy when it's time to tuck her kids in bed at night. She loves imperfect, relatable characters and storylines that make you laugh one minute and cry the next. Haley's books are full of humor, swoon-worthy moments, and poignant realities of life. She loves lilacs and ice cream and bellbottoms.

Haley is a native of the Perham, Minnesota area, and after some stints in Spain, Colombia, Scotland, and Louisiana, she has settled with her husband and two daughters in Katy, Texas. She is the artist and owner of Haley McMillan Creative Studio, and can usually be found in her studio splashing paint around, playing guitar, dancing, or dreaming up her next story. 

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