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Art Installation

Haley McMillan
Creative Studio


When Haley isn't writing and illustrating her own books, she's helping others bring their ideas to life through Haley McMillan Creative Studio's suite of services. 

Haley specializes in book cover design and illustration, custom art and design for homes and businesses, and professional editing and proofreading services. 

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They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but Haley disagrees. 

Great cover art not only captures one's gaze, but it also gives readers a sense of how the book will make them feel.

HMCS is proud to collaborate with authors to create imagery that is thoughtful, original, and perfectly tailored to the story that lives in between the artwork.


Haley loves to create playful art that adds an element of upscale whimsy to any space. 

Her bespoke fine art prints hang in homes, offices, and businesses, and can be purchased in customized sizes and formats upon request. 

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Sometimes a photograph just isn't enough. 

Haley consults with portrait clients on more than just imagery and aspect ratio. She wants to capture the true essence of the person, the animal, or the group, while staying true to the style of the space where the finished portrait will live. 

Portraits are available in multiple styles, including (but never limited to) silhouette, pop art, and traditional.

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Have a product in mind, but need help with the design? 

Planning an event and need ideas?

Need a document professionally edited?

HMCS has experience designing professional spaces, installing photo ops, planning parties, and creating custom illustrations for new products. Haley also has over ten years of experience as a professional writer and editor.


Mermaids, and fairies, and dragons, oh my!

HMCS is open to taking on select children's book illustration and/or editing projects. We look forward to hearing about your book, helping you refine it, and working with you to develop imagery that is unique to your characters and brand. 


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